Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Race Week of the Year (and a bonus video clip!)

Ahhh and we're back with another taper week! My last race of the season, a half marathon with my best friend from home, is on Saturday. My week consists of a handful of 2 mile runs, a few gradual progressions and some tempo intervals thrown in for good measure. Other then that, I have to make due with stretching and yoga. And as always, it's enough to make me a lil' crazy.

Oh and I am of course grungry. That's the taper week curse, I think.

But I am finished complaining now! This is the inaugural running of this race, so when I went to a local running shop to pick up my packet, I got a sweet windbreaker instead of a normal, boring race t-shirt! I'm really excited to run and to see my bestie and her roommate (both are staying with me for race weekend! partay!) I've been planning out a meal plan for the weekend! hehe. Nevermind the study that says women don't really benefit from carbo-loading. I have a whole pasta meal planned. Although if we decide we want to believe the science, I have probably three backup plans, haha.

Anyway, REALLY excited for this weekend!

P.S. Here's a (very brief) lil' movie of my sprint finish at the SheROX Bermuda Triathlon, courtesy of my father (whose face you get to see as he tries to turn the camera on at the beginning)

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  1. Cute video! :)

    Hope the race this weekend went well!