Sunday, June 19, 2011

no race report yet but...

The race was great! I had an awesome time. I was slower than I wanted to be, but I still enjoyed it. Really conservative on the run, but my hip didn't hurt once!! yay!

Oh and it was HUGE!!

I wouldn't, however, do that race again, or at least not for a few years while they work out some of the kinks. It's only the second year running, and I just didn't love the way some of it was done. I think, for instance, that the sprint and olympic races need to be spread further apart or on different days. It was way too many people on the bike course at once.

But all of that for another time. Here are a few pictures to tide you over until I can write up a full race report. Now to pack for France and Germany and to get on a plane!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My bike is racked, I'm ready to go...

And my bags are packed as well. Because tomorrow at 2:30 am I am waking up for the Washington DC Triathlon, and at 6:00pm I am leaving for the airport to fly to Paris.


Yes it's true. International/Olympic distance triathlon in the morning, trans-atlantic flight in the evening. Should be one hell of a day, and by tomorrow my body will have no idea what the hell time it is.

I'm super psyched for tomorrow and for the race. I'm worried about parking. I'm worried about my run. I'm worried about what the forcasted thunderstorms will do to my bike in transition area and to the course tomorrow.

And of course I am super excited. Cross your fingers that my hip holds on and the thunderstorms hold out!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saddle Woes

Ahh the rest day and the taper week. Those things we should love but somehow can barely stand. Actually, today as a rest day wasn't bad for me, comparatively. Yesterday was a long ride and it was so stinkin', friggin', incredibly hot and sticky that my body and mind definitely appreciated today. But for the rest of the taper? We'll see. I historically have found them tough, but maybe this one will be better! Staying positive!

The long ride yesterday (aside from being hot) was pretty good. I couldn't believe how much I was sweating, but I paced my water and G2 pretty well, in addition to my gel timing. Always good to practice these things! I love love love my new bike. So fast and light and lovely. But I am in an unfortunate saddle conundrum, and it is unfortunately close to my race to be having these issues. Two saddles ago? My sit bones were killing me 15 minutes in. The last one I tried? Better on the bones and no numbness, but too much pressure on my...ahem. So I have a different one on there now, which I'll try out before the race. And for the race itself? Ummmm... I guess as long as this one isn't miserable, I can get by for 24 miles....ehhh....

My biggest bugger is numbness. As long as that is minimal, I can deal with pain. I would even switch back to the butt bone bruiser if it meant no numbness on race day...We shall see!

BTW if you're reading all this and need some references to actual saddle names, here is the legend:

Butt Bone Bruiser: The Romin
Ahem pressure: The Jett
Current option for which I have numbness fear: The Ruby

Again, we shall see. I liked the Alias, but can't find it in my size...

But enough about butts! I love my bike! Even if the bento box doesn't fit along the stem because of the exit of the internal cables...I love it anyway! hehe.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

one week??

Somehow with all of the insanity of life, we have gotten to the point that my race is only a week away! One week!

So lets go through a little check list? The ready list:

Swim? probably ready
Bike? Definitely ready
Run? ......ummm......

Yeah still can't really run too much. I can get in two miles or so, and I haven't had the same kind of pain in my hip that causes me to stop and limp home. But I have an aching after, and I just know it's not all the way back. Elliptical for 6.1 miles? No problem. I'm ready to do a half marathon on the elliptical! Oh wait, that's not how triathlon works...crap

In other news, this is the largest race I have ever done, so this will be the first time I do things like rack my bike the day before the race. This will also be the first time I see pros compete! I am excited for all of this. I'm excited for the expo! I'm excited for the bike, which I know I have greatly improved my speed for! Just not excited to run...

I have a new recipe for you guys, but my computer is literally seconds away from dying. More later!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still Mentally Recovering...

Things are still a bit nuts, but I'll have more time on Friday. Had a good swim on Tuesday, with some serious speed work. I actually went so hard I thought I might get sick at one point...

I'm still careful about running, and my hip is still not 100%, but I ran this morning. I hate running in the am, and the heat was incredible. I hope that those were the reasons why the hills were so hard, not because I am totally out of shape for running. I am still really worried about the distance at the race.

I would love to have a race this season where my goal at a race is to PR, rather than to survive with my current injury...

But in other news, check out this awesome pic from the shop! Taking my bike out for a group ride tomorrow afternoon, can't wait! More on Friday!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully defended my doctoral dissertation proposal. I am now officially a doctoral candidate! (Yay, I'm approved to do more work!!)

The life and times of Jo the Triathlete can now continue, in fully documented glory. After I sleep for a good day or so, that is.

But in the meantime, I will give a few minor updates. Tidbits if you will. I rode my old bike, Mitchell, around my hometown. I tell you what, granny gears were made for my county, and my county was made for granny gears. Those were some serious serious hills.

I also went out running with my dad and my sister on horseback. Yes, my sister was on a horse while my dad and I ran on foot. Actually not that unusual for my family. The good part of this, for me, was that I was able to run 2.5 miles and my hip held up. A few days later I ran half a mile and then went in on the elliptical for an hour. Gonna not push the running too hard, but it's nice to get a few miles in and know that I still have legs. I am still worried about my volume, but I am doing the best I can...

But to rest now. And swim tomorrow. More soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Defending and Updating

The build up to my dissertation proposal defense has been intense, and it is only going to get more so for the next few days. This means of course that I have been slacking on my blogging, but once the defense is over I suspect I will have much more time on my hands. Expect a blog flurry with renewed fury in the next week or so (my proposal defense is Monday, I will recover, then I will be myself again).

BUT in the news the last few days! First my wife and I spent memorial day weekend at the beach. It was awesome, although the number of people down there and the level of partying were unbelievable. I did get a really nice open water swim in on Friday, complete with wetsuit. The first day back to swimming in the pool after a nice, floaty saltwater wetsuit swim feels like a total, literal drag! I love love swimming in the ocean and I adore my wetsuit. I guess these are good things when you're a triathlete!

And in other news, and likely much more exciting, yesterday I brought home my brand new bike! I have yet to get the correct saddle, or to get fitted with cute lil' aero bars, but my S2 is home and sitting here next to me in my office (we definitely need to work out storage space around here... two bikes and a hockey equipment in the living room and now a bike in the office...hmmm) But YAY! The bike is full ultegra, and full sexy. And the guys at my shop did a sick job building her up for me. (and they tagged her with Jo Mama on the top tube...) I am thinking about taking her up to school with me to try to get a ride in while I am up there...

Anyway, I have to get back to working on my presentation. (ACK!) but I'll be back to full strength soon!