Monday, June 6, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully defended my doctoral dissertation proposal. I am now officially a doctoral candidate! (Yay, I'm approved to do more work!!)

The life and times of Jo the Triathlete can now continue, in fully documented glory. After I sleep for a good day or so, that is.

But in the meantime, I will give a few minor updates. Tidbits if you will. I rode my old bike, Mitchell, around my hometown. I tell you what, granny gears were made for my county, and my county was made for granny gears. Those were some serious serious hills.

I also went out running with my dad and my sister on horseback. Yes, my sister was on a horse while my dad and I ran on foot. Actually not that unusual for my family. The good part of this, for me, was that I was able to run 2.5 miles and my hip held up. A few days later I ran half a mile and then went in on the elliptical for an hour. Gonna not push the running too hard, but it's nice to get a few miles in and know that I still have legs. I am still worried about my volume, but I am doing the best I can...

But to rest now. And swim tomorrow. More soon.