Monday, June 13, 2011

Saddle Woes

Ahh the rest day and the taper week. Those things we should love but somehow can barely stand. Actually, today as a rest day wasn't bad for me, comparatively. Yesterday was a long ride and it was so stinkin', friggin', incredibly hot and sticky that my body and mind definitely appreciated today. But for the rest of the taper? We'll see. I historically have found them tough, but maybe this one will be better! Staying positive!

The long ride yesterday (aside from being hot) was pretty good. I couldn't believe how much I was sweating, but I paced my water and G2 pretty well, in addition to my gel timing. Always good to practice these things! I love love love my new bike. So fast and light and lovely. But I am in an unfortunate saddle conundrum, and it is unfortunately close to my race to be having these issues. Two saddles ago? My sit bones were killing me 15 minutes in. The last one I tried? Better on the bones and no numbness, but too much pressure on my...ahem. So I have a different one on there now, which I'll try out before the race. And for the race itself? Ummmm... I guess as long as this one isn't miserable, I can get by for 24 miles....ehhh....

My biggest bugger is numbness. As long as that is minimal, I can deal with pain. I would even switch back to the butt bone bruiser if it meant no numbness on race day...We shall see!

BTW if you're reading all this and need some references to actual saddle names, here is the legend:

Butt Bone Bruiser: The Romin
Ahem pressure: The Jett
Current option for which I have numbness fear: The Ruby

Again, we shall see. I liked the Alias, but can't find it in my size...

But enough about butts! I love my bike! Even if the bento box doesn't fit along the stem because of the exit of the internal cables...I love it anyway! hehe.


  1. Ahhh... saddles are the evil part of the bike! I have an Adamo - it takes a while to get used to, but there is no numbness. It nothing else... you might want to give it a try. Well worth the $150 investment! I know many people who have switched over!

  2. cute picture! i can feel the love!