Thursday, June 2, 2011

Defending and Updating

The build up to my dissertation proposal defense has been intense, and it is only going to get more so for the next few days. This means of course that I have been slacking on my blogging, but once the defense is over I suspect I will have much more time on my hands. Expect a blog flurry with renewed fury in the next week or so (my proposal defense is Monday, I will recover, then I will be myself again).

BUT in the news the last few days! First my wife and I spent memorial day weekend at the beach. It was awesome, although the number of people down there and the level of partying were unbelievable. I did get a really nice open water swim in on Friday, complete with wetsuit. The first day back to swimming in the pool after a nice, floaty saltwater wetsuit swim feels like a total, literal drag! I love love swimming in the ocean and I adore my wetsuit. I guess these are good things when you're a triathlete!

And in other news, and likely much more exciting, yesterday I brought home my brand new bike! I have yet to get the correct saddle, or to get fitted with cute lil' aero bars, but my S2 is home and sitting here next to me in my office (we definitely need to work out storage space around here... two bikes and a hockey equipment in the living room and now a bike in the office...hmmm) But YAY! The bike is full ultegra, and full sexy. And the guys at my shop did a sick job building her up for me. (and they tagged her with Jo Mama on the top tube...) I am thinking about taking her up to school with me to try to get a ride in while I am up there...

Anyway, I have to get back to working on my presentation. (ACK!) but I'll be back to full strength soon!


  1. I hated writing my proposal defense. That was a full two months of non-stop stress! You'll be happy when it's over for sure.

    Awesome name for the bike as well!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! :)

    Love the name for the bike!

  3. So, what was the update of your dissertation project? I do hope everything went well with it. From the sounds of it, formulating your thesis topics ideas was hard, but it was a good thing that you really know what you’re doing. Otherwise, your project would end up really bad.