Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New bikes and aqua belts

I can't believe it's only Wednesday! It feels like this week has been long, like it should be Thursday or Friday. Not that it has been a bad week, by any means, but I am juggling a few more things than I am used too, so it seems like a lot.

The job is still awesome. Seriously love it, and I cannot emphasize how much I am learning. I sold my first bike today! And I know so much more than I thought I would about components and frames and materials and brands...

So this brings me to the next point, which is that I am going to buy a new bike. The guys in the shop of course encourage this a bit, but at the same time I know it is time anyway. And with my new knowledge and new friends I am likely making a very informed decision. At first I was thinking I shouldn't get a new bike until after my next race, so as not to throw a hitch into my training, but I have been demoing different bikes for almost three weeks now and have only trained on my own bike once. And it is painful to get onto at this point. One of the guys at the shop, who was doing a bike fit on me, took a look at my bike and changed his previous opinion (that I should not change it up right before my race) and told me to get a new one. ASAP.

So it is probably time to say goodbye to Mitchell, the trusty aluminum Trek 1220. He has gotten me through several races and lots of learning (and a few crashes) but I have outgrown him. (Not literally though, it turns out he is actually a size too large for me).

What am I getting? Check this baby out:

It's not a done deal, but I think I'll be getting a Cervelo S2. If not, I'll probably be getting an R3. I want an aero frame, but I also want the versatility of a road bike (with aero bars of course) so I think the S2 is going to be the way to go. I'm super excited to demo it tomorrow.

In other news, I have been aquajogging! As I have mentioned before, my mother reads my blog. She hasn't figured out how to comment yet, so usually when we talk on the phone or I come visit, she tells me the things she wanted to comment about. Last weekend she was unhappy that I was embarrassed to aquajog at the Y. As great as this is for rehab, and as much as it will help me, I cannot say that I am not still embarrassed to be wearing this lovely belt.

No I will not give you the satisfaction of seeing me model it. Trust me, it's not a cute look. Maybe on the little old ladies taking water aerobics classes, but not on me, jogging furiously under the watchful and judgmental gaze of the deep end life guard. sigh.

But yes, it will likely save my season. So for that, I am grateful. Ok Mom? :)


  1. Sweet bike... which bike shop do you work at... just wondering?

  2. So glad that you are loving the job! :)

    Sweet bike! keep us updated!!!