Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Fits in my Fit, but my Foot HURTS!

I got a new car!!! (and by "new" I mean "certified pre-owned") It's a beautiful, adorable, 2008 Honda Fit and it is ORANGE which is my absolute favorite color. I am super excited about it, it makes me so happy! My last car, which was a RAV4, was a hand me up from my younger sister, and I enjoyed that I could easily fit my bike inside, but it wasn't 100% my style.

Then the transmission went, and it was going to cost more to fix than it was worth.

So here I am with an adorable new car (which is, btw, 100% my style!). Right now I need to add in a plug thanking my Mom for her assistance with organizing the towing of my old car, the finding of the new one, and advice, etc. Thanks Mom! And no, style was not the selling point of the car, but it did help!

When I got it, I had a feeling that it might be possible that my bike would fit inside with BOTH wheels on. I knew just from looking that with the front wheel off, the bike would be fine in there, but I had heard great stuff about the room inside the fit when the back seats are down, etc... And the verdict? IT FITS IN MY FIT! Both 700c wheels and all! Check it out!

I mean seriously excited about this. I may add a rack of some sort (roof? hitch?) so that I can transport more than one bike, but for now, this is totally awesome.

BUT now for the bad news. Something is wrong with my foot. I have a theory about what happened, but as with most of my injuries, I don't actually know the exact moment of inception. I think what happened was that while trying to avoid a lane mate during a flip turn at the Y, I ended up pushing off from the wall, hard, with JUST my right, big toe. As in, toe bent alllll the way pack, hard push. I think. I remember this vaguely, but I am not sure if that memory is a plant that I created to explain this unbelievable pain. I seem to have pulled/strained/sprained some muscles or tendons or both in my foot. I cannot bend my toe back and it hurts as I put wait on the ball and push off my toe when I walk. So much so that I can merely hobble. It hurts to touch, is slightly puffy, and has been waking me up THROBBING every three hours during the night. Yesterday I was on my feet all day at work and by the end the pain was excruciating. I am spending as many moments as possible with ice on it, and my feet up in the air. Like so:

I won't even get into the injustice of it all. I already wrote that post a while back about my hip (which should heal up nicely while I am totally incapable of walking, let alone running on my foot). I will say, however, that swimming has betrayed me as the one thing I knew would never injure me.

I swam yesterday, avoiding flip turns or only pushing off with my (entire) left foot. The first day it started hurting, Thursday, I went out on my bike and it actually didn't bother me, but the pain hadn't reached the level it has today. I plan to aquajog (so embarrassed to be trying THAT at my Y) today and then see if I can hop on the bike tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure all I can do at this point is laugh. Short of trading in my body for a new one. Sometimes I swear it's a lemon...


  1. Cute car! That's awesome that you can fit the bike in the back! :)

    Hope you get the foot figured out. Sounds painful!

  2. congrats on the spacious new wheels. very impress you can put your whole bike in there!

    hope the toe feels better soon