Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Things have been pretty hectic for the past week. Lack of sleep has been a major factor, as has been the crazy push to the end of the academic semester. My sister graduated from college yesterday (yay!) and the family has been in town for festivities. Today my bike ride, which was supposed to be 2 hours, was cut short by a combination of family visiting and my not being prepared for my final presentation tomorrow. I guess I will count this day as a rest day with a recovery ride and try to get a big workout in tomorrow before I head up North for my last class of the semester.

I have an excellent recipe waiting to be shared with you all, but it will have to wait another day or two while I get through this final push.

On the plus side, I demoed another awesome bike last Thursday on a group ride and really love the bike shop! I am going to learn so so much this summer. Now to get through the rest of this spring in one piece...

More soon, I promise! Happy Training!


  1. I know I'm reading this late and the recipe might already be posted, but I'm still anxious to see what it is.

    And isn't demoing new bikes awesome?

  2. Demoing new bikes is AWESOME!
    You haven't missed the recipe yet, I just have been distracted by other new events.

    It will be up soon, I promise!

  3. Hey Kurt, that recipe finally went up!