Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rivers, Ice, Swim, Bike, Run

First of all, an update from that run two days ago:
I love the park near my apartment. The run itself went really well, (I think? I hope?). My hip started to ache just the very littlest bit at the end of two miles, so that's when I stopped. I ran on flat, grassy/dirt path, along the side of the road, and stayed on the same side when I changed directions in case there was some unperceived gradation. No downhill. After the run I stretched in the park and dipped my feet in the little river. Very nice.

BUT then I came home and iced, but within an hour my hip was sore. Very sore. I'm frustrated again, but I am also sick of whining about it.

Yesterday I got a nice swim workout in, with longer sets and shorter recoveries. I took a while to warm up and cool down, however. Was also distracted by the very young girl learning butterfly in the lane next to me. She was freakin' good! And seriously small!

Today to bike. Think it will have to be indoors, because I although taking nice long rides has increased my bike comfort, I have a tendency not to push myself has hard as I do on a trainer (probably because there is nothing else entertaining to do on the trainer...). So off I go!!



  1. The river picture reminds me of creek runs I used to do at home. I miss those!

    I can understand pushing more on the trainer. I think I do the same thing. There's just so much to look at while you're on the road. It's a blessing while running, but detrimental for my rides.

  2. how were the lungs? sorry about the hip ache