Monday, May 16, 2011

It wasn't me, it was my pedals!

So I'm not sure if this is a perk or a pitfall, but working at a bike shop means that by the end of the summer, I will likely have completely upgraded every bike-involved accessory I currently use. In fact, I will also likely end the summer with several kinds accessories I didn't previously own, or know that I needed.

Within the first three weeks, I have already made a few upgrades. First it was my gloves, which seemed innocent enough. Then while helping me change out my pedals between my bike and a demo, one of the shop guys noticed that the axle can come clean out of my cheapo pedals with very little provocation. I also made the mistake of showing him how my cleats are basically crayons and leave red plastic marks all over the pavement when I walk in them.

I left work that day with a pair of Keo Look pedals.

I managed to avoid buying a new set of shoes as well (but it took serious willpower, and it helped that we didn't have the shoes I want in stock in my size).

So after all of this, I have taken my new pedals out on a few rides and have come to one, excellent conclusion. All that trouble I had clipping in? And out? And that spill (or two) I had as a result? IT WASN'T ME! It was my crappy, cheap- a** pedals! Those darn things were so difficult (and dangerous) to use, and I thought I was just void of the necessary skills to use them! bah!! These are a pure delight! Highly recommend!

In other news, I took a path today in an attempt to lengthen my ride that I used to take relatively frequently last summer. It turns out, I have outgrown it. I like to ride much faster than that bumpy, twisty, narrow thing allows. So my ride today was a bit slow.

But here's to learning experiences!


  1. sure it was the bike ;)

    FWIW saw this today for OWS every Wed down in smyrna

  2. You should take before and after pics from this summer to show the full transformation.