Friday, March 23, 2012

Animals on the lose! Tons (literally) of steel! Dara Torres!

Very soon I will be regaling you all with tales of running with a lab puppy, meeting a bald eagle, and how a deer tried to put me through the passenger window of a passing truck, but I have too much to do today!

Instead I have two things for you. The first is a correction my Thunder Puppy update below, "Why I Hate Cyclists." What makes this story more interesting and ridiculous, and what I had forgotten in my first retelling, is that my mother wasn't just driving a car. She was driving a massive pickup attached to an even more massive horse trailer. She was basically several tons of steel, being told to 'go on by', up a blind hill, by a little lady cyclist. Also important? She chose not to pass, and it was a good thing because as luck would have it, ANOTHER truck and horse trailer came barreling over the top seconds later (very common in my parents' part of PA).

This only highlights exactly how addled, or stupid, or both, the cyclist on the hill was. In this instance, when stopped on a hill she couldn't climb, and faced with careening tons of steel from both sides, the cyclist needed to get off the road. Just a thought.

The second thing I have for you is parts 1 and 2 of's Training Day videos. They are with Dara Torres. Besides how cool it is to watch her training day, I WANT HER ABS.

I think she even admits to being a genetic freak, though, so I probably am S.O.L.

Here is 1 and 2, check out for the rest of the videos when they come out:

Part 2:

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