Thursday, January 3, 2013

Off season highs and lows

Well as off-seasons go, this has not been my most productive. I have been doing a lot of lifting, but my cardio has all but fallen by the wayside. This has largely been due to a persistent, nagging ankle injury sustained the weekend after my last race of the season (dancing barefoot is to blame. Go figure.)

There has been some excellent news, however. I received my first of three emails from USA Triathlon regarding my performance at Nation's Triathlon. I then received two more emails concerning SheROX Philly and Waterman's Half. I have qualified for age group Nationals at the Olympic distance (thrice)!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I know absolutely nothing about my 2013 season yet, except that I will be racing in Milwaukee in August at Age Group Nationals!!!!!!

I've been too bummed out about my ankle and now a raging cold to do much else towards this season. I did just spend 10 days scuba diving in Honduras (YAY!) so maybe my swim fitness is magically up? Unlikely. Once I can breathe again I'll worry about planning a season. And once I can run again I'll actually believe it's happening.

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