Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peak Training and the Attack of Irene

This past week was my last week of peak training before the start of my "half-taper" week and then "full-taper" week. I am very excited, but at the same time I'm a bit nervous. This is really all the hardest training I am doing? I mean my longest ride was last week, not this week. I did a swim time trial and do feel ready for that. My longest run of my training program was today and it was only 9 miles. I mean I know I need to trust my training and know that everything will be ok, but it can be hard to do. Looking back, I think I could have handled the more intense training program, but you know what they say about hindsight...

Anyway, like I said I did a swim time trial yesterday, as well as a pretty solid brick workout. The TT went pretty well. It was slower than I would have liked (pretty sure I am always saying that) but I felt really good the whole time and I know that I will swim faster in the race because I always do. My long ride this week was only 40 miles, and last week it was 50. I'm not sure about the logic behind this, but I hope it will be ok. This morning I did a long run with my cousin Anne and it went well. My right calf is still bothering me some, but even when it hurts it's not so much that I feel like I have to stop or slow down. It's sort of just achy. I know this doesn't mean that I shouldn't be careful, but it does mean that hopefully even if it hurts during the race I will be able to finish.

My legs and feet are starting to feel the way they do when I need a new pair of shoes. The problem with that is that these shoes only have about 130 miles on them, which shouldn't be enough to warrant a new pair yet...

Yesterday's brick was in the late afternoon. I got off my bike, loaded it into my car, began to run, and the rain started. It was the very beginnings of Irene making its way up the coastline. We had a break last night and this morning, but the rain started again this afternoon and the rain and wind have been picking up steadily. Still, it's not really as bad as I thought it would be. We're hunkered down in out apartment, all ready with non-perishables, water and flashlights, just in case! Hope everyone is staying safe!


  1. Hope you guys made it out of Irene with no damage!

    Trust your training... you are on schedule!!!

  2. Thanks Colleen! We did make it out of Irene with minimal damage, although I did end up crashing on a bike trail trying to get around a fallen tree...haha. But otherwise, totally fine! I'm really trying to trust in my training...