Sunday, August 7, 2011


How satisfying is it to check out your training log at the end of a good training week and see how packed full it is? Personally, I find it super duper satisfying. This is not to say that every single one of my workouts was stellar, but I got through them all! My running is still pretty slow, unfortunately, but I haven't been doing any speed work to speak of, because I really don't want to aggravate my hip if I can avoid it. This also means that I have to try to avoid running downhill (which then means I don't really spend much time running up hill since up and down usually come in pairs...). Basically the running hasn't been the best it could be, but darned if I am not doing the full times allotted in my training plan! Without my legs falling off!! YAY!!

Quick, knock on wood for me.

Anyway, I have reached that level in my training at which my hunger has reached new heights. Don't get me wrong, as my family and close friends will tell you, I have always been hungry. By always I mean constantly, since forever. One of my friends coined a term to describe me when it's been more than an hour or so since my last meal: "grungry." Yes, that is a hybrid of the words "grumpy" and "hungry." But all of these phenomona have grown as I have amped up my training. I have tried not to be constantly grungry, but it's really tough. I have also tried very hard not to overcompensate in my caloric intake. I know I am burning a lot, but with the way I want to eat you would think I was putting in 40 hrs of training a week. I'm not.

"With all that training, you must be able to eat anything you want!"

Oh how I wish that were true, family and friends. But it is not. I am much more vigilant with what I will put into my body now than I ever was before all this working out.

Which reminds me. My friend Jackie was visiting the other day and we were talking about training etc (she is an avid runner, has done triathlons with me, and currently is riding Mitchell, my old bike), and she said to me "Hey Jo, remember when you didn't run?" haha. yeah. I reminded her of how we both used to be terrified to ride our bikes and about the yard sale I had riding to the graduate student office a few years ago, crashing my bike in the middle of the road for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than I couldn't balance. haha...

Anyway, my wife and I just remodeled our office and I need to build my new storage rack (so that I can get some of my tri gear put away and out of the main living area...), then I have to hit the pool (yay for a brick AND a swim today!)

Later kids!

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  1. "Grungry"... I like it. And we're happy to welcome you into the "We're always hungry" club. I've been surprised that athletes haven't sported grocery store sponsors yet. That'd be one thing I'd go for immediately. haha