Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ready to ROLL (and roll, and roll, and rolllll)

First of all: It's thunderstorming here and these storms are predicted to last until the middle of next week. They're also predicted for DE, which is where my race is being held this weekend. I don't really care if it rains, but I am not interested in having the swim cancelled because of thunder. Don't like duathlons.

Second: I had a really positive day at the Y today. I talked to three different, very nice people. One guy has helped me with my stroke before and today told me that I "swim beautifully" (before giving me more advice). Another girl told me where to get a really cute suit like the one she had. Another guy told me I am "built like a swimmer" and I found out his kid just started at the same graduate program as I am in (which is more interesting than it sounds because the grad program is in DE, not where we live down here). And my swim and run workouts both went really well, AND my hip wasn't too bad!

Third: This afternoon I went over to my friend Dave's and he installed a set of Zipp 404 rental wheels on my bike from my (now former) shop. I am gonna try them out on a ride tomorrow (Dear rain: STOP NOW PLEASE THANK YOU! Love, Jo) and I am super duper stoked. How SICK does my bike look???

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  1. The bike looks great! But, I may be partial to white/red Cervelo bikes with deep dish wheels. Good luck this weekend, hopefully it'll all work out.