Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Race Report TEASER

I'm still settling back in and haven't had time to write up a good race report (besides the one I sent to my coach, which isn't nearly as witty as what I'd like to write for you all!). Here are some teasers/spoilers though, to get you through:

- Bays on the West Coast have LOTS of seaweed
- There was, in fact, a mountain on the bike course. Which I successfully climbed. Twice.
- Wasp bites/stings suffered while cycling can continue to itch for several days. Especially when you're trying to sleep
- The DC Tri Club is a great bunch of folks!
- San Diego is pretty darn cool

That's all for now. Expect a novel in a few days :)

1 comment:

  1. They truly do become novels!

    I'm already thinking a "sorry to hear that" is coming on with the sting bit. Ouch!!