Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jumping back in!

Oh my gosh Hi! It feels like it has been forever, friends. Two weeks seems a lifetime, especially when I think about how much food and drink I had in that time, and how little exercise. But I have started up my training for my first half-ironman distance race! I jumped into a program around the 10 week mark, and so far haven't felt like I am too far behind in fitness. I guess the little running I did abroad (and the LOT LOT LOT of walking!) kept me in good enough shape to get back into the swing of things relatively easily. Swimming this morning was a bit tough (drills, and speed work?!? ack!) but I got through and I am excited to see where this new level of training can take me!

Things are still a bit hectic post-travel, as it my sleep schedule, but I am getting everything under control. I am about to download some race photos from the Washington DC Triathlon, and will accompany them with a race report, hopefully tomorrow morning? Maybe?

I do have to say though, despite being relatively happy with my own performance, I don't think I will do DC Triathlon again. It was a very crowded course, especially on the bike, and I was unhappy with the parking/transportation situation. More on that to come. I am sorry to have to make that call, but then again, it will save me a bunch of money to do a smaller race next year instead anyway... :)

More soon!!

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