Monday, July 11, 2011


Ok, so the other day when I was out on a group ride with a mechanic from my shop (who is a serious character, I'll have to tell his incredible story sometime...) and he explained something to me about claiming your personal space on a ride. He said that if you hug the side of the road, the rider next to you will hug you, but if you give yourself the space you want from the edge, the person next to you will give you more space, instinctively. As I tried what he told me, it was immediately apparent that he was right.

Fast forward to today, as I am tootling along on my bike at rush hour in the park near my apartment. As usual, I try to give cars room to get by, so I hug the lines at the side of the road. More than once, though, cars buzz by me WAY WAY closer than is polite or safe or comfortable. Suddenly, my friend's words come floating back to me (possible screaming at me along the side of one of these nasty, speedy cars). I decide that it's time to stop being nice and trying to give cars room. Screw them. They need to give me room. So I start to take up more space in the road. I give myself the space I want. And guess what! Every car that passes me after that, gives me enough room! It was crazy! Now of course it's entirely possible that I had already been passed by all the a**holes out for the evening, but it's also possible that I have discovered the secret to getting more respect from angry, rush hour motorists.

Anyway, that is what I learned today at my second workout session. At my first session, I learned I that I am currently fit enough to swim 1800 meters without stopping. Not really a surprise, but still good to know. :)


  1. Great advice about the bike. I'll have to remember that on my group ride tomorrow night! :)