Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avoid falling into rivers

For the past two days a wonderful and fun childhood friend of mine is visiting. She was here to help me create our glorious (and awesomely healthy) Super Bowl feast. The menu consisted of: Venison Roast (all the good parts of red meat with considerably less of the bad), Root Veggies Au Gratin (made with vitamin and mineral rich sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips and low fat cheese and milk) and green beans with turkey bacon and roasted garlic (steamed). Healthy and super yummy. We topped it off with a low butter, low sugar dark chocolate hazelnut torte that my friend made in little cupcake sized morsels. We may have eaten quite a few of those however...

Luckily my friend also likes to run, so yesterday we took a loop through the park. We tried to make it a trail run, but quickly learned that although it was warmer outside than it has been in quite some time, the shady trails by the river are still very icy. After nearly slipping into the creek several times, we cut back over a bridge onto the roadways (still in the park) and made a nice long run on the relative safety of the pavement. There are a few paved paths that cut through the woods, and we took those whenever possible to amp up the level of scenery enjoyment. All in all it went well. Today we are doing strength work and I am taking it easy on the cardio because my first real track workout is tomorrow evening (eep!)

According to my online running log, my running shoes now have 274 miles on them. The rule of thumb seems to be 300 or more miles = new shoes, and I will be hitting that very soon. Plus my feet and lower legs are starting to get achy in ways that indicate a need for a change in footwear. I used to wear Asics, but the newest version of the shoes I once had hurt my feet, so this last pair has been (gasp) Nike. And I have been so pleasantly surprised with them! I thought they only made crap shoes for a few years, but they seemed to have upped their game. I think I will be buying another pair! I always get fitted, my feet and stride seem to change regularly enough that I can't just walk in and buy a pair off the shelf (and shoes are never the same year to year in my experience). So we'll see. Now to get the money together for a new pair. Ugh. Being a student has its perks but none of them are monetary....

Anyway, off to continue my day. Upper body and core circuits this evening. Wooo!

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