Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fast forward

A few good training days have passed since my last post. A couple of days of spinning indoors, a nice 4 mile progression run, a day of circuits and polymetrics with my wife, a heart rate interval workout on the stationary bike yesterday...I need to get out on the roads with my bike soon, but it's only just starting to really thaw out. Next weekend I think I'll join my tri club for a group ride in the park near my place. I have to install my new pedals before then, and I am also thinking about installing new tri's up in the air as of right now.

Anyway, I took the day off today, mostly because of logistics. Partied a bit too hard for a friend's birthday last night, and today was needed for recovery. Plus, my right shin has really been bugging me. I am not sure if I am getting shin splints again, but I really want to think that's not happening. I dealt with them in December and it really just plain sucked. Tomorrow I'm gonna run on soft surfaces near my parent's house in PA and see how that goes. I brought tape in case, but I would really like for this to have been a false alarm. Injury succckkksss.

Happy Valentines day!

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