Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sympathy for the Devil

Welcome one and all, let me introduce myself! My name is Jo, and I am a Tri-Geek (In unison now: Hi Jo.)

I was not always a Tri-Geek. No no. Back in the day of high school cliques I was the girl who floated between groups. A bit of a nerd (yes I studied hard), a bit of a jock (I was the goalie on the varsity field hockey team) and a music dork (leads in my school's musicals). I worked hard at everything, but I was never really the best at anything. Oh and did I mention that I am an asthmatic? Serious issues with the ol' lungs since I was a wee tyke. And some heart trouble too in there. Not really the type you expect to become an endurance athlete. I wasn't really planning on it. My only in to triathlon was that as a kid they always told me that swimming was the best exercise for people with asthma, and I was a damn good swimmer. I swam and snorkeled before I could walk. The fact that I became an avid scuba diver and marine science lover was no surprise.

Skip forward to graduate school. I took a bit of a round about way through college, transferring once, studying several different things including marine biology, environmental science, geography and art. I sang in an a musical and in an a cappella group (Vocal Point! Luv u 4 eva!) Then I met the love of my life. She happens to be a woman. Oops folks, I'm queer! I stayed at my alma mater for grad school to be near to her. Jumped into an awesome program called Marine Policy and met some nifty people who did these nifty things called triathlons. Long story short, I decided to do the swim leg of a relay with two other girls I know. (We had a team name. Elemental Energy. I made us T Shirts. We each had elements. Water, Wind, Earth....) ANYWAY! One morning in the triathlon lifestyle and I WAS HOOKED! SERIOUSLY ADDICTED! I did my first sprint triathlon that same season.

Fast forward again to today. I'm 26. I'm married to that girl I fell in love with in college. We're fast approaching my third season of triathlons. When I first started I couldn't run more than 2 miles. I finished my first half marathon this past December. When I first started I hadn't ridden a bike in more years that I could remember. My last "international" length triathlon was a super technical 28 mile course with huge hills and sharp the POURING RAIN...

Triathlon has changed this lil' singing, asthmatic, ocean-lover's life. I have muscles in my legs I've never seen before. I weigh 30 lbs less than I did 4 years ago. I can endure pain, I can overcome obstacles, I can be happy and conquer the world (all with an inhaler in my back pocket). I've got two second place age group finishes under my belt now as well.

Oh and at my last two races I sang the national anthem. Best part about it? How many people remembered my number and said nice things to me about it out on the course. Gotta love the tri community.

Anyway there's my background. Pleased to meet you. Welcome to my blog. Mostly this will cover my life as a triathlete, I am sure with some other anecdotes added. Right now it is almost 10 pm and my wife, a serious ice hockey player, hasn't come home from practice. And I am nursing a blister on my foot from spin class (weird!!). Yes I know that's not the best tri training possible, but its off-season (for at least a week or so) and there is snow on the ground and I am too poor for an indoor trainer.

Pity party. Now accepting donations. :)

- Jo

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