Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warm weather comrads!

The beautiful weather today drew me out to the local park for a nice bike ride, and I wasn't the only one prowling the scenic streets. This park closes some of the roads to motor traffic on the weekends, so it becomes the perfect spot for cyclists, runners, walkers, skateboarders and rollerbladers. The majority of the traffic is cyclists and runners, and with the weather in the 60s today, there were several of us. And it looks like I'm not the only one beginning my tri training either. A few of my fellow two-wheeled companions were tucked neatly into aero positions. Some of the joggers wore t-shirts from various local tris and clubs, sucking on frothy-looking liquid from fuelbelt bottles. It was a welcome, spring feverish-start to my training season. Thank you DC area triathletes for joining me in the park today (even though I know none of you...)!

Yesterday I decided to test out my shins a little bit. I've been off running for two and a half weeks, and I had honestly planned to rest for longer, but the pain has significantly subsided and I was curious how a little jog (in my new sneakers! back story on those in a minute) might feel. So I hopped on a treadmill in my gym (softer landing than the roads, controlled pace etc.) and turned it up to 6 mph, easy 10 minute miles. I was wearing compression calf sleeves, which have really helped with my shin recovery and pain in the past. I honestly felt pretty darn good. I made myself stop after 10 minutes, and then hopped on the elliptical for another 30 minutes. I think I will be modifying my recovery plan for the next week to include a mile of running before the rest of my elliptical, then increasing the proportion of running from there until I am getting in the full distance.

But it still remains to be seen if I will race in the 5K next week. I probably still shouldn't, but of course I am more tempted now that I have run without pain...

So the new shoes story: I had been ready for a new pair for a little bit, and every year I get a little peeved when the shoe companies decide to "update" their shoe models. Every time I find a shoe I love, they go and change it, and I invariably hate whatever they change. Maybe I'm a grump, but this is how I feel. Anyway, for the past year I have been running in a pair of Nikes. I was an Aasics girl, but then they changed their model...etc. I ended up in a pair of Nike Zooms and was surprised that I loved them. But as usual, when I went to try on the new model, they just weren't quite right. Not as bad as the changes Aasic had made to my model, but just enough to feel strange. Then, sensing my plight, my running store lady (whom I now adore) said she could try find the older model of my shoe at a nearby store and...SHE DID! In my (huge!) size, and at a DISCOUNT no less. Love love love Pacers.

If you can't tell, I am very grateful.

So a few swims under my belt the last week. A few bike sessions, working on some transition skills like getting in and out of my shoes while under way, plus a small breakthrough in my running injuries. All and all an excellent week gone by, and now it's time for my training season to begin!

Oh and off to Disney in a few days!!!

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