Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mountains and Blisters

So last weekend my lovely wife and I took three boys (engineers no less) with us out to Colorado to visit an old friend of mine and to hit the slopes. Two solid days of snowboarding = serious cross training. I came back sore but happy. I did some running and some strength work this week, followed by a spin class yesterday. There was a new woman running the class and let me tell you, she kicked my tush. Besides the blister I got from the strap holding my sneakered foot to the pedal (I invested my money in tri-specific bike shoes rather than spin shoes...) it was an awesome class. Blister = huge. Didn't know it was possible to get one the way I did. Maybe because I spin on my old sneakers and they're just too worn out? Maybe because the strap on the cage on that left pedal on that bike was vicious? (haha on on on, makes me think of On On, makes me think of Hashing...anyway...)

So today I am taking a rest day, mostly because my legs are pretty sore. I think. I am debating hitting up the pool and focusing on pulling and form and just resting the kick drills today. We'll see.

I may have found myself a new training partner. The forums on my tri club website turned up a newbie in my area who's willing to give it a go with me. We'll see if we're at a close enough level to enjoy training together. I would love to find someone to push me, but not someone so far ahead of me that I hold them back. We have about the same level of experience, so...fingers crossed! He's not ready to start training till early March though cause he's coming off of an injury. That's ok really, my training shouldn't start hard until the last week of February anyway.

Now I've guilted myself into swimming this afternoon. I'll post my workout later, but it will be relatively easy. Time to get some lunch and hit up that foam roller. Right glute, here I come!

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