Thursday, February 17, 2011

Intervals and STUPID SHINS!

So recently my shins have really been acting up. I'm pretty pissed about it, honestly. I had shin splints last year near the end of my training for my half marathon. I taped up, got through, and then took several weeks off of running. Since I started up running again I've been very slow adding mileage with the hope that I wouldn't have problems again. Unfortunately, I had a bit of pain on a run, and then did some plyometrics with my wife, and suddenly they were bad again.

To say I am frustrated is definitely an understatement. I have several races coming up, including a 5k in a few weeks. It wasn't too expensive and running a 5k is no big deal, the only thing really at stake is my pride. I wanted to set a new PR. My decision now is to try very hard to take it easy so as not to jeopardize my shin health for the longer, more exciting, and more expensive triathlons for which I've already signed up this summer.

All of this means? Well my actual training programs start in the last week of February. It's a 16 week program with a sprint in the middle and an olympic at the end. My plan is to do non impact workouts for the next week and a half, and then once my training program starts to use the eliptical for the first two or three weeks instead of running (and swim and bike as usual). This of course is NOT ideal, but at least I'll be working similar muscle groups and keeping up my aerobic fitness. Taking out 2 weeks of running from a 16 week program leaves me with 14 weeks, which isn't a bad training program honestly. I don't like the idea (at all) but I have to turn off the crazy triathlete in my brain off, and do what is best for my health...because there is a high likelihood that if I don't I won't be able to do my triathlons at all.

So that's the plan. The intervals part? HR intervals on a stationary bike. Thank god it's getting warmer out, I can't wait to be outside on my bike again, especially since I won't be outside running for a while. sigh.

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