Saturday, April 9, 2011

Depressing injuries

I have to say that I'm super depressed today because my hip is still hurting me. I tried to run some, and it hurt. I tried to elliptical(cize?) and it hurt. I am so sick and tired of being injured. And my first tri of the season is less than a month away.



  1. Hi Singing Jo! SO funny that that before you left your comment on my blog, I was on another blog leaving a comment and saw the "singing jo" comment on theirs and thought, I wonder if she really sings? I haven't delved into your blog yet but do you have a video of you singing the national anthem? And where did you sing it? Very, very cool!
    Tiesto is awesome, yes he is and I have lots of other playlists that i listen to at work with the likes of Ferry Corsten, Moony, Eric Prydz, Rob Dougan, and Roisin Murphy to name a few. Great stuff!
    Question regarding your hip pain? Do you know if you injured it and how? Or, is it an old nagging injury? Or, is it an overuse dealio? I'm no physical therapist BUT I have good knowledge of that kind of stuff from my personal training days so maybe we can troubleshoot it and you can be all fixed up for your tri next month. Peace out!

  2. Hey KC! I do really sing. :) I sang the anthem at a few tris as well as a marathon, plus I sing at ice hockey games etc. Used to be in a semi-pro choir as well as an acappella group in college. And a few bands randomly.
    I have a video of me singing the anthem at an ice hockey game, so I'll upload that to my blog sometime soon!

    My hip injury is sort of a mystery. It hurt one day after running. I had likely increased my mileage too fast as I was coming back from shin splints. Pain is outside hip, sharp and shooting, with downward push or impact near the front of my stride. And super annoying. Not really tender to touch, but I can push in on what seems like the outide of the joint and sort of locate where the pain is. Ice and advil so far. My best friend is a PT and she gave me some exercises, but so far no improvement. sigh. Ideas?

    thanks for checkin' my blog out and for maybe helping me get well!!!