Friday, April 8, 2011

Lil' swim, Lil' Chrissie

Hey hey, tough lil' swim today! It was rainy and a bit chilly, so I kept it in the indoor pool. There was some speed work involved, and it really took it outta me today. I got out feeling kinda beat, but in a good way, you know?

250 easy warm up
6X26 mixed drills, RI=10
6X100 (25 ascending, 25 descending), RI=10
6X25 hard, RI=20
6X25 kick, RI=15
250 easy cool down

The ascending, descending thing is really difficult for me for some reason. I just can't quite gauge it, and it ends up taking more out of me then just going 25 hard and 25 easy. Fun stuff though! Next week I will hopefully not be alone in the pool (hint hint BRAD!) so that would be nice...

IM South Africa is this Sunday and Chrissy Wellington is making her SA debut! I'm pretty stoked and hope to watch it live on Gotta love Chrissie. So much talent and so much grace and poise. And that darned smile!!

No better hero in my book! Go, Chrissie, Go!!


  1. Those are insane pool temps for a workout!

    I had no idea Chrissy was running IMSA! I know what I'm doing Sunday now. Thanks!!

  2. I'm so glad that you found my blog and now that I've found yours! :) I've looked around a little and am excited to be a follower now!

    I love Chrissie... she's amazing! I'm sure she's going to rock South Africa this weekend!