Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Injury Update

A double update today! Yesterday after waking up and watching some of the Boston Marathon, I made my way over to the gym to test out the hip on the treadmill and elliptical. I got through my workout without pain, but it was sore walking around on it later in the day. (And I watched the end of the marathon when I got back. USA definitely represented this year!)

Early early this morning I had an appointment with a sports medicine guy. After manipulating and poking around, he told me he things my IT band is too tight and a bit inflamed. According to him, if I stretch it every day, the pain will go away.

I want him to be right. I really really do. I am also admittedly a bit skeptical. But if he is correct, hopefully I will be able to see improvement quickly! That would be the greatest thing ever, seriously. So I choose to be optimistic. Definitely can't hurt to try, anyway! He also said that running through the pain will make it more sore, but it won't make the condition any worse, so if I'm at my tri in two weeks (ack!) and it hurts while I'm running, I give myself permission to push through.

So basically, I want him to be right, cause if so that's really good news. It seems like a lot of pain for a tight IT band though...

Anyway, off to the pool! Gotta get my chlorine on!


  1. What did he suggest for stretches?, anything specific?

    I've had some ITB issues recently myself and would be interested to hear what he suggested.

  2. he showed me a few basic stretches, but I honestly learned more searching youtube videos! My father also told me a stretch I hadn't seen before. I stand with the weight on the leg I am stretching and the other leg resting, slightly bent. I hold onto a chair or table and lean my upper body to the side away from my stretching leg and slightly back until I feel the stretch where I want it.

    I was also told to stop running downhill for a while. We shall see how this all pays off at my race this coming weekend...