Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Goodness gracious, the first half of the week always seems a bit crazy to me. Mostly because I am traveling around and taking care of many different things. It's not a bad thing though!

Anyway, it's been fun the last few days. Yesterday I got back home and got in a bike ride (sorry for those 3 people who called me and I ignored!). I went indoors because it was intermittent rain and the streets were pretty wet. Plus I had 3x5 minute hill climbs tucked in the middle, and I haven't found any 5 minute hills nearby, so inside was just easier. More boring of course, but that's what my audiobook is for! I am almost finished Room by Emma Donaghue and it's excellent.

Today is a swim day, so I'll be posting my workout a bit later. My workout buddy is finally back and meeting me at the pool today! Yay! In addition, I am going to try pool running for the first time. The goal here is to see if the pain I have in my hip is caused by motion or by impact. If it hurts to pool run, it's motion. If not, it's impact. (Thank you for the recommendation Mom. She read my blog. I still think that's funny).

But now to do some real work on my thesis research. More soon!

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