Friday, April 29, 2011

rest day and WORRYING

Well hello rest day! First tri of the season in two days. Mostly trying not to think about it, cause I am upset/nervous about the possibility that my hip will not allow me to tackle the run the way I want to. I'm scared that either one of two scenarios will play out: 1. Around the second mile mark a stabbing pain will start in my hip that will shoot down my leg and make it nearly impossible to keep going. I've never walked on a run before in a race and although this is just a warm up race, I still will have trouble doing it. 2. My hip will hold up but my run fitness will be so lacking that I'll barely get across the finish line. ARRRGGHHHHHH

Ok, I can't continue speculating. Off to work. After I get a good glimpse of Kate M. and the royal wedding of course! :)


  1. I could have written your post today b/c that's how i feel. tried to run this AM ...ain't happening. I have tears rolling down my face but not from the foam roller but b/c it pisses me off. Anyway, I do hope your hip behaves for the race and will think nothing but positive thoughts for you.
    Step up the protein and pick up the big boy weights and you will be JACKED UP before you know it me. That reminds me, I need to send you the link to one of my first posts on my blog. I scanned a pic in of me from 1997 with about 20 pounds of more muscle. Ironically, I was doing my very first triathlon at St. Anthony's.

  2. ok, here is the link:
    pic is a little fuzzy b/c it is old and b/c it is scanned in but you can see the dif from 1997 to now....30+ marathons later!

    Oh yeah, Lightning and Capitals game 1 TONIGHT!!

  3. Just get to the race and work hard....and dont forget to smile! Posted about you and your race today over at my blog, come check it out. Good luck this weekend!

  4. Hope the race went well this weekend. Can't wait to hear about it.