Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mental wall overcome, reward = homemade sushi!

Yesterday's workout could be defined by one word: torture. The workout itself was hard, but the tedium was the real torture. I mean it was a threshold effort hour and a half ride with high spin cadence, tough enough, but it was also on an indoor trainer, so it was constant and BORING. I mean wow. It was mentally much more challenging than physically. I hit a mental wall there for a bit and really had to convince myself not to just quit and workout outside today as a replacement. I had to finish what I started.

And I did!

It was good, too. I was proud of myself afterwords. My sister, Beth, and my friend Gilly showed up for another famed weekend of feasting yesterday afternoon. We had a sushi-making party last night and this morning we made crepes! Sushi is a mixed bag, health wise. Fresh veggies and fish are good. I normally try to avoid white rice, but we made the rolls ourselves and that somehow justified it to me. And the crepes this morning? Yeah we just deserved those. haha.

Left/Above: My wife Erin (she did that on purpose, so that's the pic she gets posted!) and my friend Gilly with our sushi feast!

Right: Sisters! Beth in blue, me in green. Yes the bikes are in our living room. That's Erin's blue mountain bike.

So I'm now trying to figure out today and the rest of next week, workout plan-wise. I may swim today, or rest today and workout tomorrow...but that might mean two swim days in a row...oh decisions... :) But now to make sure the taxes are completely finished and do some reading for my class!

Happy training!

Oh and the Boston Marathon is tomorrow! Go Kara Goucher!!

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