Monday, April 4, 2011

hotels and hockey

So in terms of my training, this past weekend held both good news and bad news. (This was also true about the hockey actually). The good news for me was that I was able to put a little bit of running back into each "run" workout. The bad news was that the gym at the hotel in Detroit had no elliptical, so I was forced to combo some running with some biking and some stairmaster. Very strange workout indeed.

Luckily they did have a stationary bike, so I put in a torturous hour and 15 minutes on there on Saturday, and I traded my long run day and rest day so that my "run" (aka 10 minute run and 4o minute elliptical) was today, back home at my gym.

I was really excited to do a little running. I will try my best to stick by the lesson I have learned and increase VERY SLOWLY. But I can't say it's easy...

Now for the hockey. I don't have any pictures of me sweating in the tiny hole of a hotel gym, so this one of my wife playing hockey will have to suffice. The team was awesome and played so well. They won three games and got kicked out in the quarterfinals due to a really awful call by a ref. They were seriously robbed, and I don't just say that as a biased fan. But it's ok, they had fun, and they played their hearts out. And I enjoyed it all. It did make me wish my races were sooner. I thrive on competition. I can't wait to get out there.

Adding to that feeling for me was the fact that Kona was being replayed on Universal Sports around lunchtime today. I recorded the program to watch in my free time later this week. Doesn't matter that I know what happens already, it's still so thrilling!

After the tournament my wife wanted to buy me hockey skates. We went to try them on, but I told her eventually that I'd rather she spent the money on a new saddle for my bike!! Here's hoping!


  1. bummer about the bad call. hopefully next year they will be redeemed. good job getting the workouts it

  2. Thanks! Yeah super bummer. They'll kick butt next year!