Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Race Week!

As usual, the beginning of the week seems to have flown by. Hard to believe that Wednesday is already almost over. My first race of the season is this Sunday! It's not a key race, more a warm-up and training race, especially given all my hip problems. We'll see how it holds up. Yesterday I slipped in a bit of running with my elliptical training. I stretched and foam rolled and iced after. I had no pain running (although I felt SUPER flat yesterday. I hope that it's just a sign I need this recovery week and not a sign that my run/elliptical fitness is not up to par). Today it doesn't hurt as much as it has post-running in the past, but it's a bit sore and tight. I've been on the roller and stretching already.

I had a recovery day swim today. Nice 1450 meters with some speed work thrown in to get the feel for race pace. I always go out much harder than I want to in the swim, but so far that hasn't hampered the rest of my performance, so I haven't tried tooooo hard to change the habit.

Anyway, today's short workout:

250 warm up easy
6X25 mixed drills, RI=10
4X100 moderate, RI=5
5X75 VO2 max, RI=30
275 c00l down easy

total 1450

Tomorrow I start training at a local bike shop because (dun du du duuunnn!) I got a summer part time job there! My research grant won't be in till fall, so I am gonna make some extra bucks, learn more about bikes etc. this summer! Stoked!! Post-training I'll go Tri-training (hehe) on the bike shop's group ride (assuming the weather cooperates).

Yay!! Then friday is my rest day, then Saturday a lil' easy swim-bike to get the blood flowing, then driving down the the packet pickup, THEN RACE ON SUNDAY! yayayayayayyayyyyyy

Alright, enough celebration for now. Back to my research!


  1. Crazy week in every possible way, so just started to play catch up reading on all of my favorite blogs ...sigh. Now, that's my kind of part-time job ...sweet! Have a great, pain free race this weekend.

  2. Thanks so much Kurt and KC! This week has been crazy for me too, and now that I am expected to be at a job on certain days, it will only be more so! But not it's time to focus on Sunday...

  3. Yay for the new job - at a bike store... gotta love that! And best of luck this weekend! :)