Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not the only one with hip issues...

Today is a big bike day for me, so I'll have more later. Hopefully this weather holds up cause it's fantastic at the moment...

Anyway, just saw this interview with Chrissie from triathlete mag. She has hip pain too! Probably for much better reason though. Also, she posted the fastest run time OVERALL at IM South Africa. Faster than the pro men. Wow.


  1. Chrissie is the BEAST... glad you found someone else... even if it is Chrissie Wellington of all people... who also have some hip pains!

    Hope you have a FANTASTIC ride and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!

  2. hmmm? I see a Chrissie theme/trend going on in this blog. You think one of these days she will be first overall as in beat the first pro male? i'm thinking anything is possible.

  3. I love that she laid across the finish line!

    @ KC - If any female pro has ever been in the position to do it, it's Chrissie.

  4. She always rolls across the finish line as a tribute to Blazeman.

    Chrissie may win overall one day!

  5. that girl is always smiling! from what I hear she's a class act