Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swim Workout

The pool is pretty warm at my Y. Feels great when I get in, but after I start going hard, it's basically too warm. Definitely wouldn't be wetsuit legal! :)

250 warm up easy
6X25 mixed drills, RI=10secs
5X100 moderate, RI=5secs
6X75 VO2 Max, RI=45secs
3X50 kick, RI=15
250 cool down easy

Total = 1,750

Doesn't hurt my hip to pool run, which is nice to know (I think?). I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing actually. Hopefully I'll find out soon!

Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight! And a few races to watch online this weekend! yay!


  1. Using this post as my motivation to go swim after work today. MUST. DO. MY. DRILLS! I brought all my gear to work with me so I will drive straight to the pool, not straight to the couch. Your pool sounds like the one at LA Fitness. Although I do think they adjusted the temp recently and it is cooler. I was feeling like I was swimming in the sauna. Hope that hip gets better ASAP.
    TB Lightning are going to win the Stanley Cup, just sayin'.

  2. hope that means the hip will feel better sooner. great swim!

  3. Thanks Joe! KC, first of all, straight to the pool, not to the couch! And the TB Lightning are alright, but it's the Flyers all the way!! (if they could just get their freakin' goaltending together)...

    Don't live in the Philly area anymore, so the people around us don't like who we root for anymore either...

  4. Nice swim workout... I wish I wasn't immune to super long crazy swim workouts... otherwise I'd try out the one you posted! Oh and btw Lets Go Caps :)

  5. Oh the pressure! I fully intend on hitting the pool. The guilt would eat me alive if I didn't lie!
    Looks like we need to get some bets going here on the Stanley Cup playoffs. So far, the lightning looked a little flat last night. Even with no Sydney Crosby out with an injury, they scored 3 goals and we answered back with a big goose egg. Pathetic! I'm putting on my Lightning Jersey for the next game for good mojo.

  6. Marci - This was a tough one cause of the speed work, but totally worth it! And everyone around me is currently rooting for the caps, so I have been following them. We watched last night actually. They pulled it off, but I expected a better showing for the number 1 team playing number 8...

    KC, yeah the pens are a tough match up. As a Flyers fan I strongly dislike the penguins, so I'll def root for TB this round... No guarantees for the future though... :)

  7. Wanted to let you know that I did go straight to the pool yesterday and banged out 3300 yards with tons of drills as my coach prescribed and I hated every second of it but it's done and now I am sore :)
    Oh, and I forgot to to tell you that I left a comment on your post, The Full Bike Story.

  8. I want a coach! I have to prescribe my own workouts... :(