Monday, March 28, 2011

another day fighting that hip...

Another "run day" passed on the cursed elliptical. It seems like I have been off of running forever, but really with this injury its only been a week since my bff/pt was here to tell me to stop running. It probably feels like longer because I was JUST coming back from the shin splints...

Knock on wood, so far my injuries are limited to my running. This is probably pretty common, considering that swimming and biking are relatively low impact (assuming you avoid major crashes on your bike. that's high impact)

It's supposed to get warmer and nicer over the course of the month of March, right? The weather here has been very up and down, and the last few days have been pretty darn cold. I would really like to get a nice ride in outdoors on Wednesday and not feel like my toes are falling off.

Also if I could run again maybe I wouldn't sound so whiny and grumpy. I'm sorry for the bad attitude. I promise to get it adjusted ASAP. Maybe I am coming down from the high of that sweet Multisport Expo yesterday...sigh...

I spent several hours this morning plotting out my training schedule for the next few weeks. I am getting really excited for the upcoming races this season, as well as for the training increases that are coming. This next week I will really need to switch up my training schedule because of the travel to Detroit. I checked out the hotel and it looks like the pool is pretty small, so I'll need to get my swim in early in the week. I am really excited to watch my wife play! Check out the tshirt I made today! Go CB Lightning!!

Swim day tomorrow! New set added to the line up, cause I'm in a build week! YAY!

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  1. good luck to your wife in Detroit!

    and keep up w/ E machine get healthy now so you can kick butt later!