Thursday, March 31, 2011

swam, running out the door!

First of all, HUGE shout out to for adding me to their "More Triathlon Blogs" section! SOOO stoked!

Second, my swim workout early this morning (with a the gosh darn cold water hose spewing into my lane! Acckk!)

250 easy warm up
6X25 mixed drills, RI=10secs
4X100 (25easy/25hard), RI=10secs
8X25 sprint, RI=20secs
6X25 kick, RI=15
250 easy cool down
Total: 1400 meters

Whew! Loved getting in some speed work! Now for a weekend of indoor workouts and ice rinks!

Compression calf sleeves on, ready to fly! Happy training!


  1. I'm definitely trying out that short swim workout when I have the time to do a short little workout! Also yay for being added to TriCrowd... isn't it the best?

  2. It's so great! Super exciting!

    I'm starting to really worry that this workout plan that I am on isn't pushing the swim hard enough. I am a swimmer originally, so maybe I will inevitably feel like I should be doing more...I guess I'll see at my first tri in a few weeks?