Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tattoo talk and my swim workout

Thank goodness for a build week! I loved my swim today. I'm even more excited for the ramp up that is coming. My only mistake was that I lifted yesterday and my arms were a bit sore. But overall, it was great.

250 easy warm up
6x25 mixed drills, RI=10 secs
6x100 moderate, RI=5 secs
6x25 kick, RI=15 secs
250 easy cool down
Total=1,400 meters

The only thing about this is that I am used to swimming more, earlier in my schedule. And longer sets, like pyramids. But this program builds slower over a longer period, so I hope it will work the way it's supposed to!

Now I want to talk about triathlon tattoos. Anyone have one? I know if I finish an Ironman I will get one. I have been searching online for pics of tattoos, and I have found a few with mdots, and a few without.

This is my favorite probably. Very original.

This seems pretty classic

Simple Mdot. Very hard to argue with.

Love this with the whale, wish I knew the significance

My friend Nat said that if he ever gets a tattoo he wants a bike chain imprint like you get when you lean the bike on your leg. Love this.

I'm not sure what I will get, but I think that I will get something, someday. :) Maybe I have to do my ironman somewhere cool to get some inspiration for the tat!


  1. always wanted one but can't pick something I want for the rest of my life (and worked w/ too many old construction workers who didn't take care of tattoos - a cool hula girl tat can morph in Snuffleupagus over a couple decades)

  2. hahaha. love it. Yeah I have a few things I would like tats for, but I haven't been able to choose one I want permanently.
    Tri mag this month has a page of tats too! I like my choices better though...