Saturday, March 26, 2011

chilly ride and RUNNING TUNES! (free downloads!)

It was relatively chilly this morning when I went out to cycle. I don't have a very extensive selection of cycling gear, so I can only keep so warm. I felt great and had a nice ride (without a clip-induced fall, I might add) but my toes were totally numb by the end. It's all good though, because the warm weather will be here soon and I won't have to worry about spending money on cold weather gear until next winter... :)

Anyway, I thought we would discuss music today. I know I've talked about audiobooks in the past, but I am also a believer in great tunes for running (NOT cycling, very dangerous). I am always trying to find new stuff to add to my running/lifting mixes, and I am sure other people struggle to find the good stuff as much as I do. The other day I came across some pretty sweet ways to find new music to run to, and I wanted to share.

First thing's first, Nike Women on facebook has a new download every week for free, so that is worth checking out. Still, the stuff they put up is often too techno/electronica for me. A couple of things happened recently which brought me to a whole boatload of new songs. First of all I found a website that gives you a free trial and $10 of free music. You have to sign up, but as long as you cancel your membership within 14 days (or right after you use up your free credits) you won't get charged. It's awesome.
Go to:

The prices are cheaper here than iTunes so you get more musical bang for your free buck! Now to find the tunes you wanna buy! So you know when you're running with the beat of a song and it's awesome and then your next tune comes on and it's a totally different tempo and your running feels awkward? Maybe you have heard of the acronym BPM (Beats Per Minute). It is a way to define the tempo of a song, and a way to sync up your running with your music. To find out what BPMs work best for you, go to:

They have a tool to pick out your best BPM and can show you a list of tunes that have the BPMs you're looking for. Once you know what tempo you want, the website:

is a blog-type place listing new music all the time, as well as other tips for finding running music. This site lets you listen to samples of the music before you hop over to your new emusic account to download!

So the websites you need, again:

NOW, if you're an iPhone user (guilty) there is a pretty cool (but sadly not free) app you can buy (under $5) that searches through your music on your phone (or itouch) and sorts it into groups according to BPM. This way if you're out running and dial into a BPM you like and want to stay there, you can use the app to find other songs with the same tempo! Name of the app is Cadence. Find it in the iTunes app store.

Ok so now that I have given you allll that, here is a list of songs I downloaded recently (with their BPMs) to add to my running mix.

The Catalyst - Linkin Park [135]
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap [127]
Wish We Were Older - Metro Station [140]
S&M - Rihanna [125]
Damage is Done - L.P. [130]
Rolling in the Deep - Adele [100]

Have fun out there!

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