Wednesday, March 30, 2011

detroit bound

Tomorrow we are off to Detroit for my wife's ice hockey team to compete in Nationals! I'm really excited to go and cheer, although I'm not totally and completely stoked to have to work out in a hotel gym for the next few days. Still, it will definitely be completely worth it! I can't wait.

So because of this trip I have moved my workouts around. I am going to swim tomorrow before my travel day begins cause it doesn't look like the pool will be big enough at the hotel. Then I'll have to stationary bike and run/elliptical (YUCK) in the gym.

I would have really liked to get a nice ride outdoors in today, especially since my long ride this weekend will be indoors, but the weather did not cooperate. It turned out OK though because my training program called for hill repeats and it was of course really easy to get exact times for the hills and recoveries on the indoor trainer.

Thanks for the luck wishes, I'll pass them on to Erin. She appreciates it. And I know she'll be great. It is really awesome to be with another athlete and cheer one another on, and luckily for me her sport is fun to watch! I think watching 6 hockey games in one weekend more than makes up for having her watch a triathlon though... :)

I'll post about my adventures in Detroit, and hopefully add a new recipe early next week. Till then, happy training!

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