Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the short version of the wish list

Hello friends! Just sittin' here, enjoying my post workout dinner. My wifey has practice tonight, so I didn't cook up a big dinner. Intead I'm having quinoa with beans! yumm! I also had a turkey dog. And some yogurt with berries and walnuts right when I got into the house from my bike.

Bike today was spinning, since it was cold and raining by the time I got done my work today. I really pushed myself on my hills and sprints, so I felt good about it. Plus today included a core workout too.

So I have been thinking about something we triathletes have a love-hate relationship with: our next triathlon purchases. Personally I love having new stuff, so that's the love part. And I never have the money for everything I want. That's the hate part. My current wishlist is long, but I have narrowed it down to a few things:

Race fees (always at the top, cause otherwise what's the point??)
New tri racing top
Adamo saddle (the noseless ones)
more cycling clothing

Ok there are a million more, but I think it's important to have a short list. Hopefully it will keep me focused, cause I have a tendency to be an impulsive buyer. Ooo, new running shorts? sure! New Nike tshirt? yes please! Oh crap I'm broke.

So the other thing I really want is a new tri bike. I have a road bike, and I am going to be continuing to give it more tri upgrades, but still I would adore a tri specific bike. But I'm a student. Cannot afford. nope. not at all. PLUS no where to put it. So I think maybe I'll be working towards that for next year. First I have to learn how to save money...


  1. Definitely go for saving up for the tri bike as the big thing... and as you do that... save up for the samller things!

  2. I realized I forgot something big, and now I remember. An indoor trainer. sigh. I'm gonna try to save! STARTING NOW!

  3. have you tried the Adamo? some shops let you try it out for a week to see it works for you.

    you can never have too many bikes

  4. no I haven't! I should look into finding a shop that will let me try it out...

  5. from my friend who rented the adamo then bought it and loves it " - $25 to rent a trial saddle for 7 days of use(tip: order on a friday so that it ships and arrives to you on a friday so you can get 9 days of use) which includes ground shipping both ways. If you decide to buy a saddle within 30 days of TriSports receiving the saddle back from you they will put $20 towards to purchase of the new saddle.

    Have your friend reach out to to figure out what kind of saddle would be best for him and then rent that kind. I described my riding habits, my goals and planned rides for the year."

  6. Wow, this is all awesome information! Thanks so much!! I'm on it!