Thursday, March 10, 2011

Compressed and Listening

Got my compression calf sleeves on. So far they've been almost equivalent to taping in their ability to prevent shin splint pain. Almost. Really the best way to prevent the pain is to take time off of running, but I've done that and I am trying to ease back in. I wore these babies in my 5K last week (see pics of dorky orange-ness in previous post) and had no pain, so they're coming with me on my run today.

Unfortunately it's raining hard today. When it's hot out or raining lightly, I don't mind hitting the streets, but when it's pouring and cold outside, I'm hitting the treadmill. Did I mention that I am not a huge fan of the treadmill? Some of my fellow runners say that they hate it. My feelings aren't that negative. The old 'mill can be useful for tempo running and intervals, but for a general timed moderate run, it can get pretty boring. So today I've decided to borrow from a trick I learned while I was training for my half marathon last year. Time to bust out the audio books!!

Tip of the day: Go to and you can get two free audio books as a "trial membership". Just be sure to cancel your membership after you download your books or else your credit card will be charged in a month. (Unless you want to keep the membership of course. My mom loves

My most recent audio endeavor was The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was great and got me through several long runs at the end of November. I have just downloaded The Help, Room and The Weird Sisters. I have been wanting to read or listen to Room for quite some time now, so I am excited to get started. I don't recommend audiobooks for all workouts, since focus is key in many specific types like speed work, but on a LSD run (long, slow, distance) or on a moderate intensity treadmill run that makes you want to pull your hair out for something more entertaining to do, an audio book might do the trick!! Here's to hoping anyway...

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