Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's photo shoot

I know I am a grad student, which means I have more free time than the average person, but most of this day has come and gone and it was spent self timing my camera.

Yesterday I received an email from Nike Women telling me that they still want to do a feature profile on me on their facebook page, but that my photos were too "grainy." They asked me to get a friend to take pictures of me. Little do they know that none of my remotely artistic friends live nearby. So today I spent a fair amount of time setting up my camera in the park and in my apartment complex (getting strange looks of course) and posing for it. Or running back and forth over and over. Complete with costume changes.

I am pretty happy with the results though. I sent in 4 shots. I put one up here that didn't make the cut (I'm too far away) but just to give you a taste of my day.

My real run will be this afternoon. It is so pretty out. But first I actually have to get some work done, because my life cannot be ALL fun and games!

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