Sunday, March 20, 2011

side leg raises and clams

This was one excellent spring weekend! The weather was fantastic, especially on Saturday. I got in a beautiful ride Saturday morning.

And my bestie, Rach, the PT was visiting. She did an eval. on my hip and overall strengths etc. She gave me a bunch of exercises to do, as well as orders (surprise surprise...) not to run for a few weeks. So back to that cursed elliptical I go... According to her I have weakness on the outsides of my legs and hips, which I have read before is a common cause of injuries in runners. Hopefully it will only take a few weeks of ellipticaling and exercises before I can make it back to running again. I am very tired of the setbacks, but I truly hope that I have learned my lesson. I will be very slow to increase my mileage next time.


(The rest of Rach's visit was awesome, btw. Saw my first DC United game!)

Something very exciting should be happening tomorrow though! Stay tuned!


  1. Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! I can't wait for spring to get here and every weekend be nice to ride!

  2. Me too! I hope it stays that way!!