Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outdoor pool water: 84 degrees!

Another lovely swim day! And it was nice outside, so getting into that outdoor pool wasn't too terrible. The water was actually just a bit warmer than the air, so once I was in I actually felt better in the water than out. The swimming felt great too, although my training plan has this week as a "recovery week" (I've earned my first recovery week already??) so it wasn't a tough swim.

I actually added a set more than it called for...Hope that I don't somehow pay for that, but I figure I need to make up some for not exactly following the running schedule with all my injuries.

I also got in a strength session this afternoon, which I was really happy about. I put in arms and core. Tomorrow I will probably get in another core section, as well as a bike.

Watching the Flyers now (a little behind cause we DVRed it while we were working out...don't tell me what happened!)

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  1. Outdoor pool swim workout... jealous! Good for you for having a productive training day!