Tuesday, March 15, 2011

swim body art

Tuesday is swim day! This is how I remember my swim workouts. I write them out on my hand!

Gettin' started in my training schedule, so I am only a few swims in. Today was a total of 1,300 meters with 250 easy warm up, 6X25 mixed drills with 10 second rest intervals, 5X100 moderate for my main set, a 6X25 kick set with 15 second rest intervals, and a final 250 cool down.

I got to swim with my new training partner, Brad. It was great to have someone in the pool I knew! We had to swim outside today cause the indoor pool was full. Lemme tell ya, that water was NOT warm enough!!

Tonight I meant to take pictures of the dinner I made and share the recipe with you. But I forgot. So I will have to make it again next week and share then. A hint of what you have to look forward to: My wife's favorite of my recipes. A delicious, healthy, and super easy salmon that can be made in 20 minutes. You'll have to wait for the rest! (dun dun duuunnn!!)

Bike day tomorrow! In the still shaky weather, I think I may hit up a spin class...we'll see. Off to get yummy healthy yogurt for dessert!

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