Sunday, March 27, 2011


Welcome to HEAVEN!! Seriously, the expo was really cool/fun. I enjoyed just walking around and checking out all the vendors and merch, etc. I got a swag bag as well, which was nice. I ended up buying a pair of sunglasses (a need that bumped itself to the top of my list when my shades fell in the middle of a busy intersection on a ride a few weeks back) and getting a body composition analysis. According to the analysis I have a normal range BMI, as well as a mid-normal range fat percentage. My muscle composition in my legs is at the top of the normal range, and the muscle comp of my arms is just over normal (muahahaha). My core muscle comp leaves something to be desired however. Still normal, but not too high. Still, I was pretty happy overall.

Anyway, today I switched in a rest day and will do my "run day" tomorrow. I'm getting ready for next weekend when I'll be in Detroit and will probably have to do the same thing. Actually I may have to move my entire schedule around, depending what the pool situation is like in the hotel. We're going to Detroit because my wife's hockey team made it to nationals! Wooot!

So more tomorrow!


  1. I've never made it to that expo but I hear it's pretty good! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Expos rock! I don't know if my favorite part is the sheer amount of awesome triathlon stuff that you can never find anywhere else, or the crazy endurance junkies everywhere! Good luck to your wife at nationals :)

  3. It was great. I think it's being surrounded by my fellow crazies that makes me so happy...

    Thanks for the luck! She'll appreciate it! Check out the shirt I made to wear at the games in my newest post! I figure if she watches my triathlons, I seriously owe it to her to be the best hockey fan ever! It is much easier to watch hockey probably...