Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun!

Alright everyone. This one is gonna be for the ladies. Sorry fellas, tonight we're talkin Ta Tas!!

Yesterday I did a bad thing. This is actually probably relatable to men and women. I went to a couple of different athletic outlet stores (including Nike!!) and I might have gotten a bit carried away. But my overspending isn't the topic I want to discuss. I want to discuss sports bras.

I think it's possible that athletic apparel companies might have a different definition of "high impact" than I do. Or maybe I am a really bouncy runner? Or maybe my boobies are just super bouncy? I mean, first of all, I am a weird size. low number chest size, big letter. This means that there aren't many sports bras out there made for me. But still, I feel like every time I try on a bra labeled "high impact" and jump around in the changing room I am sadly (jigglingly) disappointed. Is this just me?

And yes I have tried Moving Comfort. I have one, I love it, but the ones that I like are tough to find. And they're just not as cute...

Anyway, sorry gentlemen. I had to get that off my (he he) chest (he he). Anyway today I worked out from 5:30 to 8 pm. It was awesome. Two bike rides, split up by a nice core workout. Gonna hurt to sneeze tomorrow...


  1. two words - duct tape. works on my man boobs ;)
    great workouts!

  2. Have you tried a Colorado favorite: Title 9 brand? I can't believe I'm actually weighing in on this but I had a similar quest while searching for binders.

  3. Duct tape and I have a long history dating back to playing Little Red Riding hood and Annie as a well developed 16-17 yr old. But not comfy.

    Jesse, does title 9 have their own brand? I know they sell moving comfort. Maybe I should just break down and order those serious looking ones they have...sigh...

    You would be very surprised at the people I've had weigh in on this actually...Turns out everyone cares about Tatas! :)

  4. They sure do. I have friends that swear by them. or you can stop by a physical store in Colorado next time you're here. ;)