Sunday, March 20, 2011

I almost forgot!

I took a nice little spill on my bike on Saturday!

Nobody panic, it really was little. And pretty funny. And something I know many cyclists have experienced. The whole ride had gone quite well, almost without a hitch, except for a bit of a headwind that made some sections tougher than expected (and slower). But all and all I was happy. At the end of the ride I pulled into the parking lot where I had left my car, unclipped a foot and glided slowly towards my Rav4. And then I started to lean...the wrong way! Wasn't unclipped on the left! Going down! It was slow motion and hilarious, and I was laughing before I even hit the ground. After sprawling out and giggling for a good bit of time, I looked around to see if anyone had actually witnessed my ridiculous display of...newbie-dom? inadequacy? grace and poise? ha! It seemed that no one saw, or if they had they had quickly determined I was OK by my (slightly maniacal) laughter and scurried away to avoid further embarrassing me.

At first I meant not to tell my wife about my little spill. I told instead Rachel, because it was too funny not to tell someone...but then after a beer later in the night I mentioned it in front of Erin too. Heh. oops. So I got a lecture about how much she worries about me being attached to a bicycle with cars wizzing by, and a really nice, deep purple bruise (aka war wound) to show off on my left buttocks!

I know it's happened to others. I've witnessed it. But I am still laughing at myself...

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  1. you're not a real cyclist till you forget to unclip in front of a large crowd. sooo embarassing. and always tell the wife they always find out. good job protecting the bike