Friday, March 11, 2011

It hurts to sneeze

On Wednesdays I like to go to this core conditioning class before I get my bike or spin in, but the past two weeks I didn't get to go because of traveling etc. I went this week, though, and OUCH! It wasn't so bad during the class, I thought I had it in the bag, but geeeeez. It hurts to sneeeeeze! And I sneeze a lot! This morning when my wife left for work I tried to sit up to say goodbye and found myself unable. I kind of had to flop over sideways like a fish and push up with my arms and...OUCH again! I've been doing extra push ups lately! Good lord! (My wife took pity on me and my pathetic fish flop dance and she came to me)

In other news, the audiobook Room was excellent for my treadmill run/elliptical ride yesterday. As my followers (HA HA HA! I HAVE NONE! maybe one?) know, I have been recovering from shin splints so as I ease back into running I am keeping my mileage down and fitness up by combining running and the elliptical on what would normally be my "RUN" days (I write it like this because in my planner at the bottom of each day it says "RUN" or "SWIM" or "BIKE" in all caps...ok anyway...). Yesterday was supposed to be a 35 min run, so I did 25 on the 'mill and 10 on the elliptical.

By the way, I would have to say that measuring my runs in minutes is my first real complaint with this new training program I've started. It's easy on the treadmill, but once I am (thankfully) hitting the streets again, it's tough to plan out a run route in minutes rather than miles. I'll likely find myself running up and down my road at the end of a run trying to get in the extra minutes, or walking the end of a route because I planned it too long. I can find routes that work, but as soon as I do I need a longer one and have to start the process over...

Alright enough ranting. The truth is I have a morning swim today and as I have explained before I hate morning workouts, so I am writing here to avoid. Also, Nike Women profile is not up yet, and neither are the race photos from the 5K last weekend. More later. Now to swim...

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